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Mama wants a dance too....

Hi everybody!  Excited to share my second blog with you... before I do I will say thanks to y'all for reading and visiting new website!!.

With wedding Season done, we learn how to do it better next season.  I've worked with some incredible event stylists who have dressed their weddings to perfection! I saw some new trends in settings, flower arrangements, formats, but the one thing that really stood out was the traditional Bridal dance. Wow it's come a long way hasn't it?  I loved seeing the mother & son dance. As a mum I couldn't think of anything better. They say the father dance is special because of the relationship between a father and daughter.  The same can be said about Sons and their mothers.

Most sons haven't danced witht heir mums for a long time if ever.  I think most little girls have danced in their daddy's arms at least.  I got to see the tears of joy in a mother's eyes when she danced with her son. I loved it so much I have started to recommend it to all my wedding couples.

So, if you're a Groom this is your chance to do something super special for your mama. She was after all your first love, and you hers. Trust me.... she'll love it!

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